SkyVent - Wanniassa

For this Customer we installed one of the new SkyVent + VentaLite products we are now offering.

SkyVent is a revolutionary and award winning Australian Made product that provides the dual function of a tubular skylight and ventilator to remove moist air naturally.  Powered by the Sun and Wind, the SkyVent works on stack effect as well as wind suction.  The advanced design transparent aerofoil dome points into the wind and extracts air out of rooms inside the house.  As hot less dense air rises it is replaced by cooler denser air. The design works as a solar chimney so as soon as the sun warms the head of the unit and the attic space, the temperature flow starts to drive the warm air out.  The adjustable diffuser inside allows you to control the rate of ventilation (trickle ventilation or no ventilation by completely closing the diffuser).  Not only does it reduce the need for artificial electrical lighting, but condensation inside the house can be dramatically reduced by ventilating the hot moist air directly to the outside of the building.  The internal air quality of the house is improved by reducing mould, mildew and associated dust mites.  Ideal for bathrooms, laundries or kitchens.

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