Kitchen - Griffith

This customer splits their time between a home in Sydney and a small 1 bedroom apartment they use when working in Canberra.

The customer did not like the completely open plan of the living and kitchen area in the apartment and asked us to construct a custom timber screen to help segregate the kitchen.

The kitchen included a peninsular bench with an integrated breakfast bar which would be made obsolete when the screen was installed so we converted it to extra storage using cabinetry that matched the kitchen cabinetry.

On the inside of the timber screen, we also installed an open shelf for added storage.

Finally, the customer also wanted to screen off a section of the main living area just inside the front door of the apartment to create a designated study.  Again given the small size of the apartment, they did not want to make it claustrophobic and eliminate all the natural light, so we constructed one wall of the new study using a matching timber screen.

This was something different for us but the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted and we were happy to oblige.



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