Deck - Wanniassa

This customer wanted to replace an aging timber Deck and Pergola that was starting to rot and was becoming unsafe.  They wanted a more modern solution that required little or no maintenance.

To that end, we installed a brand new Deck, comprising of a steel subframe and composite material Decking Boards in the colour of their choice, and constructed a new Pergola using steel and fully insulated roofing panels.

The Deck was raised slightly to eliminate the step-down from the doorway that was creating a trip hazard and the existing brick staircases were modified accordingly to suit the new height.  The deck was finished with a brand new matching balustrade and handrails.

The ceiling of the new insulated panel Pergola was lifted onto the roof of the house to provide better airflow and further enhance its insulating performance.

Finally, the Customer also had a new Airconditioning system installed and we relocated the external unit underneath the Deck where it is out of sight and protected from the elements but is still easy to access and receives adequate airflow.

The customer is delighted with the finished result.


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